Influencer Marketing

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Are you

a merchant or an influencer?

Do you have an e-commerce portal and want to increase sales without making a huge investment?

Or, are you an influencer with an online community and looking to earn some money recommending brands that resonate with your followers?

The success of an influence campaign will depend on the relationships forged, the implementation of the process, the tracking, and the campaign optimization.

You can be assured that at B2Rev we have many years of experience and a high level of expertise in all those areas. Our work will always respect your BRAND and the VALUES of your company.

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What is

Influencer marketing?


Companies that sell products or services online; sometimes referred to as advertisers

Influencers & bloggers:

Independent influencers with online traffic who want to promote products or services they like on their website, social networks or other online campaigns.

Influencer marketing:

Creating online content for your brand is only the beginning. Influencer marketing is the process of developing relationships with targeted influencers who can create visibility for your brand. They help give visibility and increase your online presence because of their influence. They can write blog posts, recommend your products and share their overall impressions. The right influencer can have a huge positive impact on your brand because of the credibility they have developed with their followers on the web.

Influencer campaigns:

We help you connect with the right influencers that have targeted traffic in the areas you are looking for. We have long term established relationships with the top influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle markets. We connect merchants eager to promote their online products and services with our hand-picked influencers ready to promote your brand.

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About B2Rev

B2Rev is a dynamic company with the mission to create online success for local and international businesses within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. B2Rev uses a new business concept but its founding partners each have over a decade of experience in e-commerce and influencer marketing and an extensive network of influential contacts.

With its unique approach, B2Rev is a diligent and dedicated company that oversees the maintenance and improvement of its clients’ and influencers’ branding. B2Rev is as a great partner who can offer a strong, efficient and diversified approach to your future marketing efforts.