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B2Rev offers personalized solutions and strategies based on your brand and your business goals.


Influencer Marketing

and online strategic marketing services for small and medium size businesses.

Generating targeted traffic and creating well performing marketing campaigns to increase online branding and sales


Measuring the success of a
marketing campaign

Are you tracking the right metrics for your online marketing campaigns?

You should know the key performance indicators (KPIs) to make the right decisions about how and where to spend your time and money marketing your business.

What is the difference between goals and KPIs?

Your goals are the predetermined levels you want to reach when you are increasing your marketing efforts. Your KPIs are measurable data points to determine the success and results of your marketing efforts in different areas such as:

  • Traffic
  • Revenues
  • Engagement rate
  • New versus existing customers
  • Number of leads
  • Influencer channels
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Number of online fashion stories

At B2Rev, we will help you choose, track and meet the most important online marketing KPIs by developing an influencer strategy based on your products and goals.

Merchants 2: Influencers marketing

Influencer marketing

Pay only per targeted campaign with the right influencer

Maximum visibility with high impact for your brand.

Increasingly merchants are discovering
the world of possibilities that the social media influencers can create

It’s increasingly difficult to find new channels for your brand and connect with new customers. Influencer marketing is one solution. We will help you develop relationships with influencers who already have access to targeted traffic in your market space. Partnering with social media influencers will amplify your reach and pull in your targeted audience

Work with B2Rev!

• We’ll connect you with bloggers who have trusted and loyal followers
• Increase your SEO.
• Target, track and measure your social media campaigns


Exclusive partnerships with well-established and recognized influencers.

We connect your brand with key influencers, manage and optimize your campaigns.

We partner with a vast array of influencers who have amassed followers on niche subjects within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

These types of influencer/follower relationships scales extraordinarily fast and creates massive trends in the marketplace. We connect with them for you and create campaigns for your brands, new collections or specific products.

Dedicated influenceur
management services

Our goal is to provide results for your business while using marketing practices and campaigns to create growth for the influence channels. Success in influencer marketing comes down to building and maintaining relationships with the influencers that refer traffic to your site. That is our expertise.

Our influencer marketing management services include:

  • Influencer selection targeted to your brand
  • Influence campaign implementation
  • Continual development of relationships with influencers
  • Providing all the necessary content for the campaigns
  • Customized campaigns and strategies
  • Performance tracking and reporting for all campaigns
  • Outstanding influencer support in both French and English
Merchants: Converting into sales by content & design

Maximum Conversion Rate

Merchants: Converting into sales by content & design


Capture and grow your traffic!

We help you define which communication tools will be most effective for each perosnnalized influence campaign, such as

  • Contests
  • Fashion stories
  • Blog posts
  • Promotions
  • Personnalized content created for your influencers
  • Photo collages

In order to offer you the best for your campaigns, we often test different creative or content options to find the most effective one for your brand.

About B2Rev

B2Rev is a dynamic company with the mission to create online success for local and international businesses within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. B2Rev uses a new business concept but its founding partners each have over a decade of experience in e-commerce and influence marketing and an extensive network of influential contacts.

With its unique approach, B2Rev is a diligent and dedicated company that oversees the maintenance and improvement of its clients’ and influencers’ branding. B2Rev is as a great partner who can offer a strong, efficient and diversified approach to your future marketing efforts.

One of the key aspects at B2Rev is that we have personal access to influencers and media personalities who will generate more traffic for your brand.

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